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Litter Control


            In July 2004, a cooperative effort between the Raleigh County Commission and the Raleigh County Solid Waste
Authority created the Raleigh  County Litter Control Program.  This position was filled by Jimmy Stone, who had retired
from the Raleigh County Sheriff's Office.  Officer Stone worked tirelessly in his efforts to make the Litter Control Program
what it has become today and to make Raleigh County a cleaner and better place to live and work.

            In August 2012 another position for Raleigh County Litter Control Officer was created to help in the efforts of
keeping Raleigh County  clean and safe.  John Dunn, a retired Raleigh County Deputy Sheriff was hired to fill that position.
Officer Dunn has over 23 years of experience in law enforcement.  Officer Dunn is also retired from the US Army Reserve.
Both Officers Stone and Dunn have maintained their Law Enforcement Certifications from the State of WV.

            On June 30, 2014, Officer Jimmy Stone retired from the Raleigh County Litter Control Office.  He has left the
program in the capable hands of Officer John Dunn.  Officer Dunn patrols Raleigh County and enforces the State Litter
and Open Dumping Laws.  Officer Dunn also stays busy by answering citizens' complaints and supervising our full
time Litter Control Staff.

            In September 8, 2014, Officer Barley was hired for Raleigh County Litter Control Officer to assist Officer  John Dunn 
in litter control.  Officer Barley is a retired Captain form the Raleigh County Sheriff's Office where he served for thirty years 
also he is retired from the WV Army National Guard in which he served twenty-one years and reached the rank of First Sergeant.

            To Report a litter violation or an open dump outside of municipal limits in Raleigh County contact:

               Officer John Dunn    officerdunn@raleigh-swa.org
               Officer Mitchell Barley mpbarley@raleigh-swa.org

            Due to the large volume of litter violations and open dump complaints, if your complaint is within the municipal
limits of a town or city within Raleigh County, you are requested to contact your local Police Department and or your
local Code Enforcement Office.

                                        Beckley Police Department ....................(304) 256-1721
                                        Beckley City Code Enforcement .............(304) 256-1738
                                        Mabscott Police Department ..................(304) 253-5654
                                        Sophia Police Department ......................(304) 683-3331
                                        Lester Police Department .......................(304) 934-6301
                                        Rhodell Police Department .....................(304) 683-3668

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Did You Know...

In the month of March 2021, Officer John Dunn and Officer Mitch Barley, Litter Control Division cleaned 21 dump sites, investigated 72 complaints and issued 29 NOV's (Notice of Violation).  Thirteen warrants and One Court Case for the month of March.  10,480 lbs (5.24 tons) of litter was brought into the Landfill for the month of March 2021.
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