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Agricultral Waste

In an effort to improve the quality of the brush/mulch program the RCSWA accomplished several things. First, we approached the regulatory agencies requesting a reduction in the fees for brush and ‘wood only’ loads in an effort to reduce the amount of brush that was being illegally dumped. Then, in an effort to achieve a better quality mulch product, the RCSWA board authorized a major upgrade to the existing tub grinder which changed the drum and hammermill assembly thus achieving a much finer quality mulch product for use by individuals. At the same time staff instituted the separation of brush from other wood products such as treated lumber, etc. to create two distinct grades of mulch, one for gardens and the other for ground cover. In addition the RCSWA has instituted a Free Brush Disposal Day for private haulers. The RCSWA will accept 1 pickup load of brush for free from non-commercial haulers on the First friday of each month.

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Did You Know...

In the month of March 2021, Officer John Dunn and Officer Mitch Barley, Litter Control Division cleaned 21 dump sites, investigated 72 complaints and issued 29 NOV's (Notice of Violation).  Thirteen warrants and One Court Case for the month of March.  10,480 lbs (5.24 tons) of litter was brought into the Landfill for the month of March 2021.
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