C & D Operating Procedures

1. The construction and demolition rate will be $30.16 plus $8.75 assessment fee for a total of $38.91 per ton.

2. All C&D loads will be screened by weighmaster at scale-house.

3. An attendant on duty at the Landfill Disposal site will screen loads and clarify if it is C&D waste.

4. Attendant will contact the scale-house to inform weighmaster of the type of material and the weighmaster will apply the appropriate rate.

5. Loads containing ANY material other than C&D will be required to pay the regular rate of $47.03 per ton and must be disposed of in the proper place.


Any and all materials used for the construction or demolition of a dwelling or structure, which may include:

shingles, wood, siding, concrete, rock, carpet, tile, linoleum, dry-wall, paneling, light fixtures, wiring, associated electrical products, sinks, toilets and tubs, plumbing products, soffit, facia and guttering, cinder blocks, brick, mortar, trim and molding, wall paper, ceiling tile, heating and cooling ducts, cabinets, shelves, water and sewer pipes, rebar, insulation, doors and windows.