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Overview of School Recycling 2015-2016


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the key components to our comprehensive School Recycling Program which recently completed its fifteenth year. During the 2015.2016 school year, thirty six Raleigh County schools recycled 386.9 tons of recyclables comprised of; paper, cardboard, plastic, tin and aluminum cans and cumulatively earned $9,995.32.  
Trap Hill Middle School achieved the best recycling grade (140%) taking home the Grand Prize, ‘Stanley Cup of Recycling’ and the Bonus of $2,000. Shady Spring Elementary School recycled the highest weight of aluminum cans (940#) during a ‘Can Drive’ earning them a Bonus of $1,000.
Since the humble beginnings of the program in 2001, the totals of recycling grow substantially yearly. The latest grand totals have reached 4,983 tons recycled with earnings of $202,565.78 of the course of fifteen years. These impressive statistics, would not have been realized without the community at large which has embraced our School Recycling Program.  
It takes an enormous team to accomplish these statistics: the school principals and recycling coordinators, members of the schools’ Green Teams, families that utilize the recycling bins, and members of the Corporate Green Team, where every dime schools earn come from. A special debt of gratitude to the Recycling Coordinators, the Champions of their schools recycling efforts. They are mentors for the Green Team, the student’s whose responsibility is, to engage the entire school to recycle and ensure that recycling is done properly.  
This year’s Corporate Green Team sponsors are: Beckley Loan Company, Lee Supply, Rist, Higgins & Associates, TE Services, Oak Hill Garbage, Appalachian Regional Healthcare, First Community Bank, Beckley Garbage, REI Consultants, Carter Family Foundation, First Century Bank, City National Bank and Alliance Consulting. We are blessed by a gracious business community who understand the importance of recycling. The Solid Waste Authority is most grateful for their commitment to our School Recycling Program.  
Lessons learned early are often lessons learned best, that is the thinking behind our School Recycling Program. Raleigh County students are learning the three R’s
at a very early age. In a blink of an eye, this next generation will be the caretakers of the land. They are becoming mindful that their behaviors make all the difference in the world. When we recycle…everybody wins!
Sherrie A. Hunter Director of Education, Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority 

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Did You Know...

In the month of July 2018, RCSWA Litter Control Division cleaned 12 dump sites, investigated 45 complaints and issued 12 NOV's (Notice of Violation).  One court case. Three warrants for the month of July 2018 were obtained. 7,500 lbs. of litter was brought into the landfill by Officers John Dunn and Mitchell Barley for the month of July 2018.
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