Education is a priority of the Board of Directors and Staff of the Raleigh County Solid Waste. A concerted effort in manpower and finances is now directed toward our Education Program. Beginning with the employment of a full time staff position working with many facets of the community from the Classroom to the Chamber of Commerce and to many other civic and community groups.

Guided tours are available for any Civic or School Groups by appointment. The subjects seen and taught include Ground Water Protection, Landfill Operations, Methane Gas, Bioreactor Landfill, Recycling Operations, Products made from recycling materials, Litter and Illegal Dumping, Discussion of Illegal Dumping and Littering with our Litter Control Officer.

Three Meeting Rooms are available to Civic, Church, and Schools taking tours and desiring to have a meeting afterwards. These rooms accommodate 16, 36 and up to 100 respectfully. There is no charge for these accommodations.

To schedule a tour and/or room call Sherrie Hunter, Director of Education.